Rede vor dem Brandenburger Tor: „Alle sind gefragt für Klimaschutz!“

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Die Global Divestment Mobilisierungs-Woche ist zu Ende. Aber was jetzt für den Klimaschutz? Was muss Deutschland leisten um das Paris Abkommen umzusetzten und wer muss welche Augaben und Verantwortung übernehmen?

Mona Freundt (Fossil Free Berlin) gibt darauf eine Antwort: Wir alle sind gefragt! Investoren, Unternehmen, Politiker und jeder in unserer Gesellschaft! Jeder hat eine Rolle und es ist an der Zeit, dass alle dieser Rolle konsequent nachgehen.

Hier gibt es Monas Rede zum Reinhören auf unserer Facebook-Seite:

… oder zum Nachlesen unten:

„Hello everyone,

Thank you for the great action here today at the GDM protest and for your support!

One and a half years ago 195 countries concluded the Paris Agreement. This agreement lays out a 1.5-2°C degrees temperature increase limit as the global goal. This translates to a steep decarbonisation pathway for all major economies.

Germany ratified the Paris Agreement in September last year. Germany’s climate action plan 2050 aims at a 40% emission reduction by 2020, 55% by 2030 and 80-95% or even near net-zero emissions in 2050. This is an ambitious plan, but now words must be translated into action! Strong action!

Yet Germany is likely to already miss its 2020 targets. According to the German Environment Agency absolute emissions increased in 2016. This is especially due to the growth in the transportation and agriculture sector.

So what do we NEED, to make the transition happen? How can Germany become a true global leader for climate action?

Well, we need EVERYONE to take action: investors, businesses, politicians and finally EACH AND EVERY ONE of us!

What do we need from Investors?
We need to shift capital towards climate friendly solutions. And we need investors to be outspoken about their action! The investor voice can be a strong voice.

For example this week, 214 investors with $15 trillion AUM have send a letter to the governments of the G7 and G20 nations, urging them to put policy into place aligned with the 1.5-2°C degree goal of the Paris Agreement.

There are many more ways investors can drive change and still have highly profitable portfolios. Let’s help them find their voice with further Divestment AND Engagement action.

What do we need from Business?
We need strong leadership from companies building the low-carbon infrastructure of tomorrow, not only for clean energy, but also for low-carbon transportation, agriculture and other sectors.

How can business take action? Some companies adopt science-based targets and switch to 100% renewable electricity to reduce their carbon footprints. Other switch to a more sustainable business model. Case studies show that there is a business case FOR emission reductions. Experiences make clear that cost reductions can be achieved, that green investments are profitable and that opportunities for new markets and market growth arise.

Business needs to be part of the transition, an active participant, a driver of change, a driver of innovation. NOT a decelerator!

NO MORE greenwashing and NO MORE lobbying through the back door! This is really important: NO MORE lobbying against the transition!!

What do we need in Politics?
Where does climate change stand on the political agenda? So far climate change has not been a major talking point for the upcoming elections. But we need strong leadership especially in politics to drive action from investors and businesses. At the G7 in Italy, at the G20 in Hamburg and in every national and international debate about climate change, Germany has to show leadership. Climate change needs to be on the forefront of the political agenda!

The French president-elect Emmanuel Macron vowed to fight global warming in his victory speech last Sunday. We need the same from EVERY candidate running in this years election! Climate change is not some trivial issue that will just pass.

Climate change is happening. It is happening now. And it needs to be addressed accordingly by our politicians in the interests of their voters!

The German ‘Energiewende’ was supposed to become a model for the transition to clean energy. On April 30th, two weeks ago, Germany ran on 85% renewable electricity, which is a great first step. BUT coal is still a major component of our energy mix! WE NEED 100% renewable electricity! Not just for one day, EVERY DAY! We need a set date to end all coal power plants as soon as possible and we need 100% renewable electricity by 2030, not 80% in 2050. If our politicians take the mandate of the Paris Agreement seriously, they need to pave the way for the transition!

Finally, this is down to us! All of us here today, all of our friends and family. It is down to our ACTIONS.

We must hold investors accountable, we must hold business accountable and we must hold our politicians accountable! We must ensure that their words are followed by action, and that their promises are kept! It is too late for backsliding! We need the transition to happen! And we need it to happen NOW!

So everyone: get involved and take action!

Challenge our economic system by getting involved in local or global action, just as we are doing right now at the Global Divestment Mobilisation! Challenge politicians at events in the election campaign! Talk to them, raise climate change as an issue important to you and important to your voting choice! And challenge yourself, your community and your workplace by thinking about your consumption choices, by developing innovative solutions for the climate crisis and by collaborating with other people!

Let’s demand a fossil free future! Let’s demand divestment from fossil fuels!


– Mona Freundt / Fossil Free Berlin / May 13th 2017 / Brandenburg Gate